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Favorite Links

If you want more information on the Arya Samaj and Hindu Dharma, please visit these sites as well. 

  1. Aryamerica: Information on the Arya Samaj in the United States.
  2. www.ThePlanetOm.com The Planet OM: Knowledge base on AUM and Vedic........ new.gif (394 bytes)
  3. Diviniti: A Great collection of Religious Gifts  new.gif (394 bytes)
  4. Bhakti Sangeet
  5. Arya Samaj Florida
  6. Guyana Arya Samaj 
  7. Saurashtra: Tankara, the birthplace of Swami Dayananda Saraswati
  8. Aditya Dharma: The Arya Samaj
  9. Biography of Swami Dayanand: Concise biography of Swamiji.
  10. A man's journey from absolute skepticism to the love towards God through the Arya Samaj 
  11. Arya Spiritual Centre
  12. Paropkarinisabha: a trust established by the Arya Samaj.new.gif (394 bytes)
  13. Arya Samaj Of Orlando new.gif (394 bytes)
  14. Arya Vidya Sabha Brampton Ontario Canada: Do Vedic Hawan -Yajna with us every Sunday at 9.30 A.M. Group of Guyana and all Vedic minded persons.

Sanskrit :

  1. Sanskrit Institute

Hindu History :

  1. Ancient Indian Civilisation 
  2. Hindu Temples: What Happened to Them: By Sita Ram Goel

Hindu/Vedic Philosophy :

  1. Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies
  2. Dharma and Philosophy 
  3. Vedic Wisdom 
  4. American Institute of Vedic Studies: Includes online books and articles by Dr. David Frawley.
  5. Vedavid: "This website was developed out of a need to organize a large amount of data for a dissertation on the early Vedic traditions and texts of Ancient India (c. 1500 b.c.e.)."
  6. Understanding Hinduism
  7. Dharma Central: "Dharma Central is dedicated to bringing you the most authoritative, highest quality information about Yoga spirituality available anywhere on the Internet."
  9. Vedic Booksnew.gif (394 bytes)
  10. Dayananda The Great - English Book

Other Hindu Organisations :

  1. Rashriya Swayamsevak Sangh
  2. RSS Hindi Monthly Magazine
  3. RSS English Monthly Magazine
  4. Bhartiya Janata Party
  5. Hindu Vivek Kendra
  6. Sewa International: "serving humanity is serving God".

Miscellaneous :

  2. Hindu Calendar 
  3. Official Mad Cow Disease Home Page
  4. BHARAT RAKSHAK - Consortium of Indian Military Websites
  5. Real Value Home – Planning to settle or for immigration in Canada ? Thinking of moving, Buying or selling real estate or house in Toronto, Brampton or Mississauga. Call Remax Mississauga Real Estate Agent Gyanesh Paliwal.

This site is dedicated to all those who wish to better understand Hindu-Dharma. If you have any more sites that can be added to this list please-mail us with a brief description of the site and its URL address.aryasamajmarkham@gmail.com

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