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Our newsletter reaches hundred of Aryan families. We have decided to include a matrimonial column in every issue of our newsletter.

Anyone wishing to avail of this service may place an advertisement in this column. Individuals wishing to respond to a particular advertisement will respond to the Box number of the advertisement. The response will be forwarded to the advertiser directly. This way, the anonymity of the parties concerned is maintained. Total confidentiality of advertisers as well as respondents is guaranteed.

To defray the administrative cost, advertisers will be required to pay an amount of $25.00 to Arya Samaj, Markham. The life of Ad will be 2 years. Send a self addressed stamped envelope with your Ad. We will continue to print your advertisement in future issues of the newsletter, until we hear from you that we should remove it from the list.

When replying to an advertisement, please follow these steps :

Seal your reply in an envelope addressed to the Box No. of the advertiser. Place this in another envelope, along with one loose $1.00 stamp and mail to -

MATRIMONIAL AD. PO.Box 57, Agincourt Postal Station,
Scarborough, Ontario M1S 3B4


Hindu Punjabi parents looking for a suitable match for Canadian born son 33/5'10" graduated MD, currently working in well established family business, having good family values and religious. The girl must be Canadian citizen, well educated with family values.

Please reply maakrpa@hotmail.com or write to MA14/01.

Hindu Punjabi Khatri parents looking for a suitable match for their Canadian citizen, son 32/5ft 4 in, graduated BBA currently working in a well established company, having good family values and religious.

The girl must be Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, well educated with family values.

Please reply to handa.madhu@yahoo.com or call: 905-488-0607.

Hindu Punjabi Parents looking for a suitable match, a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, well educate young man for their Canadian Citizen daughter, 28 years, 5ft 2 Inches Tall, a pharmacisist, religious with good family values.

Please respond to rwaters4000@gmail.com or respond to MA 03/16.

Hindu Punjabi Parents , seeking a suitable, educated girl with family values for their Canadian born 6 ft. Tall, handsome, 32 year old son, holding 4 high degrees from U of T and permanently employed in the field of Education in  York Region.

 Please contact : kanadianhardwood@gmail.com> or respond to MA 04/17.

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