About VCC

The VCC  opened on August 15th 1996, the day of India’s Independence from British Colonial Rule. 

The Vedic Cultural Centre (VCC) in Markham, Ontario, Canada is a cultural facility that promotes the teachings and values of the Vedas, ancient scriptures of philosophy. The centre aims to preserve and share the rich cultural heritage of India with the local community.

The VCC offers various programs and services to its members and the public. The centre conducts religious ceremonies, rituals, and prayers, providing a space for worship and spiritual growth. Daily aarti (religious rituals) and Bhajans (devotional songs) are held at the centre.

The VCC also provides educational opportunities for individuals interested in learning about philosophy and spirituality. The centre offers classes on Vedic scriptures, yoga, meditation, and various cultural activities such as classical Indian music and dance.

Community engagement is an essential aspect of the Vedic Cultural Centre’s mission. The centre hosts community events, celebrations, and festivals, serving as a gathering place for individuals of all backgrounds. The centre promotes unity, diversity, and cultural understanding through these events.

The VCC is known for its beautiful temple architecture and art, incorporating traditional design elements. The temple is adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures, creating a serene and sacred atmosphere for visitors.

The Vedic Cultural Centre actively participates in charitable endeavors, supporting various social and humanitarian causes. The centre organizes drives to collect donations for disaster relief, and also runs educational initiatives in underprivileged areas.

Overall, the Vedic Cultural Centre in Markham, Ontario, Canada serves as a hub for the community to practice and celebrate their faith, while also sharing their rich cultural heritage with others.

The VCC can hold up to 500 persons.

The Vedic Cultural Centre requires assistance to maintain this great facility.  Donations are welcomed and are all tax-deductible for Canadian tax purposes.  To donate or just to get more information, please call (905) 475-5778.

Thank you to all the people of the Markham & Toronto Arya Samajs, The Vedic Cultural Centre helped to create and maintain this site for Vedic-Dharma.

Need a place to hold your Special Event?

Come Celebrate you Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Concerts, Trade Shows, Seminars, Business Functions and Special Occasions.

Upper Main Hall includes a large stage and seating accommodation for 650 persons.

Lower Banquet Hall includes a dance floor and Banquet tables for 600 persons.

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Vedic Cultural Centre : (905)-475-5778