Arya Bal Vihar – Sunday School

Sunday School is one of the many and is the oldest, community services that is provided for children by Arya Samaj Markham.

This School is run by a very dedicated team of Ontario/Canada trained and experienced teachers and volunteer facilitators; students,15 years and over work here as volunteers for ‘community volunteer hours’ which can be used towards their Secondary School diploma. Sunday School runs from the second Sunday of September to mid June of following year.

Our Mission at Sunday School is to develop the children of Hindu/Vedic community by providing education in Vedic/Hindu/Indian values & culture in a social and enjoyable atmosphere. The goal is to promote in children of Arya Samaj a sense of belonging, a sense of identity and a sense of pride in their rich, Vedic/Hindu Heritage. Personal, cultural & spiritual development of children is catered to by special focus on fostering a Home-School partnership.

Curriculum at Sunday School encompasses :Yoga, Dharama/ Religion Education, Cultural/moral values and Hindi, the language of our culture.

Kids also attend Aartee and concluding procedures of regular Satsangs at the Samaj.

Education at Sunday School is thematic-activity-based. Children participate in Yogic exercises catered to their age level; learn, recitations, bhajans mantras ,their meanings and value of sandhya, havan yajna, importance of cultural festivities and celebrations ,through activities like stories, plays/skits, fables, arts and craft, speech arts, performing arts, and mini workshops [ such as setting up for havan, playing a dholak, dessing up dolls in Indian traditional clothing, making decorations and deeyas for Diwali, making a ‘patang for Basant.] Message of the day is carried out in all areas of instruction. Language skills are developed through conversational Hindi exercises carried out by “scenarios”, and object composition based on activity/theme. Oral drill in language is reinforced by practice in writing.
Population of Sunday School is made up of 4-14 year old children who make a big resource pool of artists. They participate in all regular functions and satsangs of the Samaj through out the year. Besides in-house activities like ‘Baal divas’, grandparents day etc. Sunday School carries out excursions, and makes field trips. Celebrating Diwali at the parliament House is one example.

Due to problem of different kinds of allergies in children these days, Sunday School believes in “NUT Free” environment. Parents are advised to exercise their discretion for school snacks

Communication with parents is open and thorough.

For Timings and Visitation details, please contact Yogi Bhupendra at Phone Number: +19054755778