Thank you for considering making a donation to the Vedic Cultural Centre in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Your support will go a long way in helping us continue to promote and preserve Vedic culture in our community. Your donation will support various activities, in particular our cultural events, educational programs, and community outreach initiatives. We greatly appreciate your generosity and thank you in advance for contributing to the success of our centre. We greatly appreciate your generosity and thank you for contributing to the success of our centre.

It is said about giving
” give such that the left hand does not know
what the right hand gave. “

The highest form of giving, or “daan”, is one that is selfless, humble, and without expectations of glory or reward.

Donation Prayer – “Om swasti panthaam anucharema soorya chandra masaav iva punar dadataa ghnataa jaana taa sanga memahi” – May we all follow the path of Swasti like the sun and the moon. May we be in the company of those who constantly give of what they have, who never hurt the feelings of others and who know much of God and His wisdom.

At Arya Samaj, we encourage you to give as much as you can afford so that our community continues to glitter and be a shining example in the Canadian mosaic. 

There are many ways in which you can donate to the Samaj :

1) Donate your time by volunteering for numerous activities and working committees.

2) Donate money towards the payment of our monthly expenses and maintenance of the building.

3) Donate by becoming Yajamana during the weekly Hawans on Sundays.

4) You can send your “Daan” in mail by cheque or draft.

Tax-deductible receipts will be issued for all donations in keeping with Revenue Canada guidelines.

For Donations to TAS, Contact details:For Donations to ASM, Contact details:
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Receipts: Official receipt for income tax purposes is available.
Yash Kapur
(or) Telephone: +1-416-835-9030
Maharishi Jani
(or)Phone: +1-416-903-5671