Special Services

1) Vedic Sanskaar –
Weddings, Wedding Anniversary, Greh Pravesh, Mundan Sanskaar, Namkaran Sanskaar etc.

Addressing the needs of the community, the Arya Samaj also provides free services by trained Religious Priests to conduct different Vedic Sanskar at the residence of our community members.

2) On Going Programs 
Sunday school for children, every Sunday. This program is for all ages and the curriculum includes teaching of Hindi, Yoga, Culture and Religion. The program is supervised by certified Teachers.

3) Daah Sanskar
We understand that the death of loved ones in a family is very stressful and traumatic. In order to help at that difficult time, Arya Samaj has approached various Funeral Homes/Crematoriums and worked out a plan, which the economical and in line with our Vedic System of performing the last rites(Daah Sanskar). Under those unfortunate times, if we can be any assistance please get in touch by phone.

Vedic Cultural Centre » (905)-475-5778