Sunday Havan and Prayers

The Vedic Cultural Centre also houses the Arya Samaj Mandir and religious services are held on Sundays.

Havan- About Havan

Havan, or Havan Yajya, as the name indicates is a form of Yajya. Yajya is the highest form of an action (yajyo vai Shreshtha-tamam karma) and must consist of three principal elements:

  1. Deva Pooja – worship of an ideal. God is the highest of all ideals.
  2. Sangati Karana – associating and connecting with that ideal.
  3. Daana – sharing the resources of that ideal.

There are also five daily yajya, whose performances are incumbent upon every Arya, seeker of nobility:

  1. Brahma Yajya – service to God, self and the Vedas
  2. Pitri Yajya – service to parents and elders
  3. Deva Yajya – service to scholars and the atmosphere
  4. Atithi Yajya – service to guests
  5. Bali Vaishya Deva Yajya – service to other beings

In addition to being a Yajya, Havan is also the principal form of congregational worship performed in Arya Samajes.

This Havan involves the chanting of Veda mantras, ending in the phrase swaha, while making offering of Ghee (clarified butter) and Samagri (specific herbs and grains) onto a fire. Swaha indicates that the devotee is making the offering from the depths of their inner selves, while surrendering onto God, the Higher Ideal.

Prior to the lighting of the fire and the offerings, invocation is done in form of Stuti-Praarthana-Upasana. Stuti is glorification of the Cosmic Divinity, God (Eeshwar) by praising His qualities and seeking to inspire our own selves. Praarthana is earnest plea for what we need. Upasana is realising those benefits of praising and prayer.

Sunday Havan

Yajmaan is the term used to refer to individual or individuals, usually family, or extended family members who wish to sponsor the Havan on a particular Sunday. Whether it is a birthday, graduation, wedding anniversary, or remembering a loved one who is no longer around, or whether an individual or family feels so inclined to just be a part Havan, then the easiest way is to become a yajmaan. In fact, no occasion is too big or too small, we can accommodate them all. We encourage you to observe and celebrate them at the Arya Samaj.

The Yajmaan, under the direction of the Purohit, will participate in the Havan accordingly. Appropriate prayers will also be chanted to highlight the specific event that is being observed. The Yajmaan will also take on the responsibility of organizing the yajna, including procuring the necessary items for the Havan, as required.

Weekly Havan and Satsang

Weekly Havan is preformed by both Toronto Arya Samaj and Arya Samaj Markham every Sunday. Timing of the Havan is rotated every year in the month of April.

Satsang is followed by Rishi Langer, or bhojan.

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More more details on being a Yagman or Havan, please Contact Yogi Bhupendra at Phone Number: +1905475577878